A showcase that reflects Canada

Located in the heart of downtown at the Quebec City Convention Centre, the International Media Centre for the 2018 G7 Summit offers media representatives from all around the world a unique and exciting experience. To be able to create this showcase, Global Affairs Canada collaborated with C2 International, Invest in Canada and more than 25 partners at the local, provincial, and national levels. These organizations contributed their knowledge and expertise in tourism, innovation and cuisine and represent the interests of more than 100 different Canadian businesses‎.

The showcase was created specifically for the 2018 G7 Summit and highlights Canadian expertise and know-how through innovation, tourism and culinary experiences. The following is an overview of the amazing discoveries media representatives will make during the 2018 G7 Summit.

Discover the innovation experience, the tourism experience and the culinary experience in the 2018 G7 Summit Showcase at the International Media Centre along with its collaborators.

Innovation experience

The Innovation Experience at the International Media Centre presents a sampling of Canadian know-how to media representatives from all around the world. Come and discover these innovations.

Tourism experience

While all eyes will be on the Charlevoix region during the 2018 G7 Summit, media representatives at the International Media Centre in Québec will experience a remarkable Tourism Experience. From Charlevoix to Saguenay and the city of Québec, media representatives will be invited to travel throughout the province of Quebec and across Canada to discover our incredible tourist destinations. A special place has also been dedicated to First Nations of Quebec tourist destinations.

Showcase contributors

Global Affairs Canada takes this opportunity to thank those who have contributed to the showcase at the International Media Centre for the 2018 G7 Summit.

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