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We are committed to including the views of all Canadians, a key aspect of Canada’s 2018 G7 Presidency. The Government of Canada is undertaking a series of domestic in-person and digital engagement activities to inform the 2018 G7 agenda.

Follow our social media channels and use #myG7 to make your voice heard.

Discover how the G7 works and how it impacts you. Get inspired to share your ideas by learning more about the themes of Canada’s Presidency.

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Until mid-April, we will be posting a series of questions on social media channels based on Canada’s G7 themes.

We’re asking you to:


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reply to our #myG7 questions on Facebook


post a public video to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #myG7

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The feedback we receive will help us better understand your views and sentiments on various aspects of the G7 themes.

The more your share, the more you influence the discussions throughout Canada’s G7 Presidency year.

On screen: Canada is hosting the next G7

On screen: and we want your opinion on discussion topics.

Points that I would like to see addressed at the G7…

If I would include a topic for the G7…

On screen: What world issues matter to you?


People are worried if they’re going to have a job.

Wi-Fi as a public service.

To have equality…

Resolve the issue of inequality in the world.

We need to talk about the environment.

If we’re not using women, we’re losing half of our world’s population.

On screen: Canada Wordmark

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