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Charlevoix and the 2018 G7 Summit

Canada is proud to be hosting G7 Leaders in the beautiful Charlevoix region from June 8-9, 2018. Quebec’s Charlevoix region symbolizes some of the best that Canada has to offer, from its stunning natural beauty, energetic business environment, and the generous hospitality of its people.

History of Charlevoix

As early as the 1800s, La Malbaie’s inhabitants welcomed excursionists coming to enjoy the region’s hospitality, the sun and the river’s salted water.

One of the renowned excursionists, US President William Howard Taft (1909-1913) said that the air of La Malbaie’s Murray Bay was “intoxicating like champagne without the next day’s hangover”.

The G7 Summit is an opportunity to ensure that the historical presence of four Indigenous communities on the La Malbaie territory is respected. The Innu from the Innue Essipit First Nation (Essipit), the Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation (Mashteuiatsh) and the Pessamit Innue First Nation (Betsiamites), as well as the Huron from the Huron-Wendat Nation (Wendake), have lived on this territory for generations.

What to expect?

A long standing gastronomic creativity: producers, artisans and chefs work together to highlight the region’s wealth. On the Flavour Trail, taste the authenticity of these products, a true signature to the finest regional tables.

Experience the Charlevoix art scene: Charlevoix is highly regarded by artists from all disciplines. Painters were the first in the 20th century to pay tribute to these spectacular landscapes. Today, Baie-Saint-Paul is famous for having the most art galleries per capita in Canada.

Charlevoix’s rich history and spectacular natural setting will energize the G7 Leaders’ discussions to build consensus on some of the most pressing global issues.

Interesting in knowing more about Charlevoix?

Visit Tourisme Charlevoix or watch our four things you should know about Charlevoix video.

Geneviève Jodoin: When I met Catherine, people would point, saying, “She’s the athlete, she’s the one who kitesurfs, she’s the world champion.”

Catherine Dufour: I’m for sure someone who likes to tackle projects; I like taking an idea and making it happen. My name is Catherine Dufour and I’m an entrepreneur. I am the co-founder and owner of Suroît Aventures. It’s a kitesurfing school and shop located on Isle-aux-Coudres in Charlevoix. When I was little, my friends played with Barbies, but I preferred the pool, playing in the water. The very first time I saw someone kitesurfing, I became obsessed with it; I absolutely wanted to do it. The feeling you get when you’re out there. You can’t think about anything else. You’re just connected to what you’re doing. The entrepreneur side, well I think that’s a recent development. We love what we’re doing every day. We have ideas on how to get better, ideas for doing things better. I have several role models; first, there’s my mother, someone who innovated a lot, someone who is very, very positive. I have a circle of women friends who are pretty incredible.

Geneviève Jodoin: Catherine is a radiant, joyful girl; someone who is, rightly, very driven.

Catherine Dufour: The river is important to me, personally. And also in everything we do with our business, Suroît Aventures. Our mission is to give the river back to people. And of course its preservation is super important. Kitesurfing is green, it doesn’t make any noise, it’s beautiful to watch. If I had a message to share with young girls, it would be that anything is possible. Don’t be afraid; be confident. There are things we can’t even imagine that are attainable. Everything you want to do is possible.