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Design Standards

This Web site is most accessible using browsers that support the latest World Wide Web Consortium recommendations. In general, browser versions 5 and above support all features as designed. Most version 4 browsers work well with this site although some features may be degraded. Browser versions 3 and below do not support the visual styles or accessibility features used in many pages. Nevertheless, the content of all pages is accessible to all users regardless of the browser version used.

Finding What You Need

Browsing: The contents of the Finance Canada WWW site have been organized along subject lines. If you know where the information you need is likely to be, follow the links through the pages to access what you need.

Searching: Use Search, accessible on the navigation bar of every core page, to search the contents of all  Finance Canada WWW site documents.

The search engine can search for the following kinds of information:

  • a single word or a list of words;
  • a phrase (words in a specific order);

A number of advanced searching techniques can be used including: truncation, use of Boolean operators, and fuzzy searching. Searches can be saved by bookmarking them (Netscape) / adding to Favorites (Internet Explorer) to be reused.

Using the Advanced Search, you can:

  • produce more useful targeted results by searching specific years and/or particular types of content, such as news releases, publications, etc.
  • follow up immediately with a federal- government-wide search if you didn't find what you wanted on the Finance Canada site.
  • find videos, slide shows or multimedia presentations, reflecting the growing importance of voice and image-based Web presentations.